…and ensure community safety

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In 2018, the UN predicted that by 2050, the number of people living in cities or other urban areas would reach 2.5 billion, which is 2 out of every 3 people or, speaking in percentage, 68% of the population. …

Will 4 years be enough to make 3D social media normal?

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How predictions are made?

In experimental research, a prediction is usually an if/then record. Scientists forecast the outcome of a future event based upon a pattern of evidence, experience or knowledge.

When it comes to technological forecasting, it is slightly different. …

Robots fashion show sounds pretty interesting

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Similar to the recent noticeable acceleration of the digital transformation in many industries, the pandemic has largely stimulated the fashion tech sector. Designers and retailers had to adjust fashion items, the supply chains, and also their physical stores to better address the customers’ lifestyle and make the shopping experience easier.

And how it benefits retailers

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Have you heard of a so-called ‘post-Covid economic boom’, predicted by many famous media outlets such as The Guardian and the Economist? …

Personal Development

Because what’s important is the human touch.

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Automation, in tandem with the COVID-19 recession, is creating a ‘double-disruption’ scenario for workers.

(World Economic Forum, 2020)

And also for business owners.

No matter if you are currently employed, looking for a job, already have a start-up or a side hustle or you’re just going through some ideas —…

how public safety is approached in cities around the world.

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One of the focus areas of modern cities is the commitment to public safety. The feeling of safety and protection against crime is vital for every community to grow and thrive. AI and the Internet of Things can assist public safety areas in many forms, including prevention of crime, assistance…

and what does it mean for us as consumers?

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It’s hard to find an industry that was not affected by COVID-19. In the food production industry, the disruption was particularly seen in the food supply chain. …

and helps achieve transparency in the food supply chain

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Despite a growing interest in automated processes across industries, agriculture remains one of the sectors with a great dependency on manual labor. What is particularly interesting to see is that the 2020 economic downtime, brought by Covid, has not affected agtech investment, according to Forbes (2021).

Let’s see how AI-powered…

Everybody comes to Hollywood — AI as well

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“The possibilities for artificial intelligence in business are almost endless” — Hopkins, 2020

And we can see the demonstration of that in almost every industry.

Already in 2017, 83% of businesses believed that AI is a focus priority for their business strategy.

Today, the number of industries that are not…

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